This is Our Story

At Catering Solutions, we set the standard in the way food is created and delivered.

Since 1996, our name has been synonymous with high quality, fresh and affordable meals. Equipped with advanced food technology and machinery to automate food processing without compromising on quality and taste, our highly skilled employees and motivated management team have been catering halal bento box meals for workers, executives and students of various institutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

From gourmet cuisines reserved for corporate clients and foreign dignitaries, to everyday comfort food that delight the palates of the masses, we have the competencies to offer them all. We also design customized menus to cater to every institution’s needs and tastes and are able to offer reliable catering of any scale.

Hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Bangladesh and the UK, our skilled chefs leverage on their diversity to create authentic ethnic fares such as Chinese, Bangladeshi, Malay, Indian and vegetarian cuisines. All cuisines delivered by us are carefully curated to cater to the varied nutritional requirements of local and foreign workers, executives and students. Each day, we prepare and serve up to 15,000 meals in Singapore and 4,500 meals in Malaysia.

What do we ultimately offer? Fresh meals that bring comfort and warmth and nourish not only the body but the soul. Quality meals that are prepared with great care to suit the individual dietary needs of the end consumer. And most importantly flavorful meals that bring back memories of home to our consumers.

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What do we ultimately offer?

Fresh meals that bring comfort an warmth
Quality meals that are prepared with great care and devotion.
Tasty meals that bring back intimate memories of home to our consumers
Our Vision

It is our mission to become a powerhouse in the catering and F&B industry, and the preferred catering partner for institutions in the region. We aim to set new standards for food innovation and be recognised for offering enhanced value to our customers.

Our Mission

We create fresh, authentic ethnic cuisines that cater to diverse groups of food consumers through best-of-breed food technologies and automation, impeccable service and seamless execution.

Our Core Values Care

We nurture a team spirit that is open, respectful, proactive and collaborative. We also strive to instil virtuous practices and exemplary business conducts. By aligning our corporate goals with those of our stakeholders, employees and partners, we empower every member of the team to achieve their greatest potential through shared goals.


We pride ourselves in cooking authentic ethnic meals that bring the tastes of home to the consumers. Our success is centred on the care we put into ensuring that our food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients and standard in hygiene.


We build our business through creativity, inspiration and imagination. We aim to provide unique and distinctive catering solutions by fostering true innovation in every meal we prepare.

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