Dig into our exquisite Chinese fare that offers a harmonious blend of taste and aroma. Our meals are all about lightness and balance.
But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Unexpected hot and spicy notes will excite your taste buds alongside subtly seasoned dishes suited for even the most delicate taste buds. Rich in creativity, yet traditional in flavor, our Chinese cuisine is as comforting as any home-cooked meal.

Services available


Since 2007, we have been offering full-fledged institutional catering and employee cafeteria services to institutions such as corporations and schools that require daily on-site cooking and serving of warm meals in Singapore and Malaysia. Meals include breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. We have the capacity to cater for all quantities, budgets and cuisines. All our meals are freshly prepared in the on-site kitchens operated 24/7 by our crew of highly experienced chefs. Menus are periodically refreshed to keep exciting the palates of the consumers.


Due to popular demand from our current clients, who wished to hold ad-hoc corporate events, we have branched out to offer buffet catering services to corporations in Singapore and Malaysia. We offer a wide range of cuisines, some of which include Indian, Thai, Malay, Bangladeshi, Western, Burmese and Oriental fares. Along with traditional buffet catering, we are also able to set up live stations for a visual gastronomical affair.


We offer a separate catering menu for bento boxes for workers, executives and students to suit their respective dietary requirements. Through our bento boxes, we are able to deliver fresh and nutritious meals to workers in dormitories and even at the most remote and hard-to-reach locations such as shipyards and offshore sites. Our specially-designed bento boxes are air-tight sealed and, where necessary, gas flushed to preserve the freshness of the meals and prevent contamination. The sturdy packaging is also designed to carry the weight of food without breakage thus ensuring high levels of hygiene. Each box, comprising of a serving of vegetable, meat and grain, is able to hold up to 500g of sufficient serving of rice, chappati or noodles.


Catering Solutions is not just a one-stop F&B provider. Having decades of catering experience under our belt, we offer consultancy services to other F&B establishments. We thoroughly review every business model and processes and advice establishments on ways to make their processes leaner. By recommending equipment, redesigning process flows and providing M&E and HVAC drawings, we aid F&B establishments in optimizing their operations for a more profitable future.

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